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Properly sealed and maintained, granite should last a lifetime and extend well past the desired investment duration for each property. Without a proven, proactive maintenance plan, any building material will break down in a shortened period of time.

The beauty of utilizing granite is its ease of care and use. This is a very big selling feature for leased properties. Very simple measures are all that is needed to continue maintaining the investment. Once the product is restored to “normal”, minimal use of product and time will be required at turns to ensure the stone has the appropriate sealer properties required to outlast the tenants’ stay… or multiple stays. 
Restoring stone to “normal”, is a tricky process; one that requires a considerable investment in technology, an understanding of chemistry, years of experience and a little bit of luck.  At DiVerde™, we make it easy for you with our proven processes and professional techniques. Your restoration issues can be rectified with the click of a button.   DiVerde’s™ and StonePro’s highly trained and professional staff are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of stone products for our clients.  The below forms are designed for your convenience. 

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